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Last updated:
6 July 2009
Welcome to the freeware page

Disclaimer: The programs listed on this page are freeware or shareware, we do not host any of the software on our web site, you will be re-directed to the publisher's web site for downloading. Some of the listed software are free for personal use only, commercial users are required to buy licences.

1st Solutions cannot provide any free technical support for any of these software. We regularly check the validity of the links but we cannot be held responsible for any damage to your system caused directly or indirectly by any software listed on this page. It is highly recommended that you have anti-virus protection software installed before downloading any application programs from the internet.

The automated spyware removal tools remove around 60% to 80% of spyware currently known to them, we can however do a manual removal of some of the more pesky spyware that might not be removable by the automated tools.

Free Online Virus Scanners
It is very important to have a virus scanner installed, there are a list of free virus scanner below, they appear to work just as well as the commerical scanners. Some people install more than one resident virus scanners, thinking they are better covered. In actual fact, these could cause all sorts of conflicts in the system. Do not at any time install more than one resident virus checker in your system. You can however install more than one spyware checker or remover.
Spyware Removal Tools
Understanding Spywares
Internet Applications Software
Other Utility Software
Compression Utility Software
  • 7-Zip  Supports zip, rar, cab, arj ... new 7z format is 30% smaller than zip!
  • WinZip 11.2  File Compression utility
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